The making of

Everything starts…with the bean.

Our art of creating the true Italian espresso initiates from the single bean, the way it gets grown and collected.

The origins

Our blends are carefully mixed by our experts and are skillfully selected from fine Brazilian, African and Asian plantations. Those cultivations give off the intense fragrance and aroma of the earth where they grow. The quality origin of the beans is absolutely guaranteed.

The greens

The selected green beans are conserved in 60kg sacks in a suitable space inside of our storehouse: the green coffee beans are stored far away from light sources, humidity, temperature leaps or anything else that might alter the quality.

The blends

After the evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee our experts create the blends administering the percentages and perfecting continuously the composition till the desired coffee is obtained.

Usually there are two techniques that are being used by the roasting companies: according to the first one the various green bean varieties are roasted and afterwards the blend is created; the second one on the other hand lies in the roasting of the already created green bean coffee blend.

We roast the green bean coffee blends administering carefully the time schedule and observing meticulously the roasting degrees. We firmly believe that “cooking all together” helps achieve a harmonious and uniform result. And the way our blends are being appreciated seems to demonstrate we are right. .

Therefore depending on the requirements of the moment we recreate the blends with the different green coffee varieties and the blends go to the roasting machine.

One of the most delicate aspects is the constant taste guarantee of the blends in each cup served. This difficulty is due to the fact that there are frequent climatic changes in the regions where the plants are growing: generous rainfalls and dry seasons play together and alter the beans.

To balance the natural diversity between the annual crops we select carefully the coffee varieties in order to guarantee the fragrance of each cup of our coffee. We modify eventually the percentages of the different varieties so that the result is the typical Excelsior taste.

We roast coffee weekly and 95% of it is on a commission basis. This means that there is no unsold stock and our coffee is always freshly roasted.

The coffee roasting process lasts 17 minutes, each time we roast 120kg of green coffee at 210°-220°C. While the beans lose about 20% of their weight and increase their volume by 55% our roasting experts control continuously the colouring which from yellow-green becomes gradually bronzed-brown, they verify the roasting degree and are ready to interrupt the roasting at the right moment.

Once the coffe is ready, it passes to the next stage: the cooling in a basin where for about 5 minutes it is cooled with forced air in order to interrupt the exothermic phase and the coffee is brought to ambient temperature.

Once the coffee is cooled, it goes to the “hopper” where any kind of debris is removed.

In fact even though all the coffee beans we acquire are already selected and washed, it might happen that pebbles or grains remain.

During the second stage based on their colouring an infrared device recognises the not correctly roasted beans and those too roasted and eliminates them.

The roasted, cooled and selected coffee is conserved inside of suitable silos, where it rests for a couple of days before the packaging. The coffe beans are packed in aluminum packs that are destined to various venues or are sold to the Excelsior coffee lovers in our retail shop at Cumano street.